“It’s a Start” Drama, Student Written and Produced

How Your Support Helps Our Students
At Harriet Tubman Democratic High School, we believe education is only truly democratic if everyone has equal access. Our policy is never to turn away a student based solely on financial considerations. Since our opening in 2006, 89% of our students have received reduced or free tuition. For the past three school years (2012-2015), HTDHS had 78% of our enrolled students attending for free and an additional 12% were partially subsidized.

Since we wish to continue our unique educational approach, Harriet Tubman Democratic High School does not qualify for government funding. This means we rely solely on tuition payments, grants, and fundraising from organizations and individuals. Your support helps to offset the difference between what a family can afford to pay, and the funding we require in order to continue serving every teen who needs our school.

Ways You Can Support Our Students…

Capital Region Celtic Pipe Band Demonstrates the Great Highland Pipes

Tax-Deductible Donation
Donations can be made one of two ways:
1)    Check made out to “Harriet Tubman Democratic High School” and mailed to:
59 Elizabeth Street, Albany, NY 12202

2)   Credit Card via PayPal online by clicking here.

Conductor Program
Become a Conductor for Harriet Tubman Democratic High School!

By signing up to make small contributions on a monthly basis, $10 or more, you will be supporting a program which gives us a solid base of financial support to ensure the future of our school community.

To join our Conductor Program, simply send an e-mail message to and we will send you the PayPal link.

Your Help Makes a Big Difference!
Even a small donation can go a very long way…

Contributions of all sizes are welcomed with equal appreciation.

Our current goal is to get 100 people to donate at least $10 per month through our Conductor program. In this way our students would be supported by over $12,000 per year!

Obama Presidential Inauguration

Materials & Equipment
Harriet Tubman Democratic High School has been extremely fortunate to have received many donations of supplies. We have learned to be creative and resourceful with all we have, but the range of equipment and supplies in our possession barely begins to meet the needs of our students’ ever varied interests and educational goals. Real-world learning means getting out into our community and HTDHS strives to take advantage of the many opportunities our area has to offer. Our students maintain a connection to other democratic schools through travel, and participation in the coordination of the North American Democratic Education Conference. For trips and many other learning experiences, we need funding assistance for supplies, equipment, transportation and other related costs.

Equipment Needs
Copy Paper (8.5×11)
Gift Cards for Office Supplies
Gift Cards for Books
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Plastic Garbage Bags (Lawn Size)

Equipment Wish List
Van or Minibus
Art Supplies


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