HTDHS Trip Class

In addition to the many short field trips offered at HTDHS, we also plan an extensive trip each year. Activities on these trips include community service and / or educational experiences. Students who wish to participate work together throughout the year to raise the money needed for travel, accommodations, and supplies. The planning, organizing, and fundraising for this school trip are all carried out by students under the supervision of a staff member.

Berkshire Museum

Berkshire Museum

The fundraising plan for our trips usually include a Change Drive (people donate their loose change), a Bottle Drive (people donate refundable bottles and cans), and various Holiday Events (see below). Additionally, direct donations to the trip fund can be made through the PayPal link on our “Giving” page.

Current Fundraising Events

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial

Previous Trips
2013-2014: Students went on a four-day trip to New york City which included fine arts museums in addition to exploration of the city.

2011/2012 & 2012/2013: Students spent extra time raising money for a week-long trip to Boston which included ten major educational activities in addition to extensive exploration of the city.

2010/2011: Students traveled to Philadelphia where they visited various educational sites as well as doing volunteer work for the community.

2009/2010: Students went to Cape Cod for a week where they camped out, visited various museums, and volunteered for several days at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

Peace Pagoda

Peace Pagoda

2008/2009: Students took a week-long trip to attend the National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools conference in Pennsylvania where they participated in various workshops and made contact with students and staff from other alternative and democratic schools.

2007/2008: Students took a 4-day trip to New York City where they visited various museums and performance art events.

2006/2007: Students went on a trip to Philadelphia for participation in a community service project.


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