Student Volunteer Work

Sample Activities 2014-2015
*Orientation Camp-out (Grafton)
*HTDHS Battery Recycling Project (on-going)
*Orientation for College Connections (Capital South Campus Center)
*Trip to Archives Month 2014: Albany’s First Mass Transit System (Horse Cars & Trolleys) and Crime & Punishment in Albany 1827-1927
*No Name Calling Week (GLSEN)
*Rally to support “BlackLivesMatter”
*Intersession Workshops: Breaking Gender Norms Day, History In Film (12 Years a Slave), Internet History, Metalsmithing
*Tour of the Vicarious Visions facility
*Trip to Mass MoCA / The Clark
*Capital South Campus Center Orientation
*Earth Day Park Clean-up
*Earth Day Soil Testing (lead)
*Hamlet drama performance at Capital Rep
*Financial and Public support for the Fifth Avenue AME Zion Church Harriet Tubman Pilgrimage Fundraiser
*Year-End Camp-out (Fonda)

Summer Program 2015
LIGHT (Albany Summer Youth Employment Program)
LIGHT Employment Enrichment Activities
Student-Run Reading Group (non-credit)


Harriet Tubman House

Sample Activities 2013-2014
*Internships: Legal Office Assistant, Theater Production (sets and costumes),  Carpentry (apprenticeship)
Orientation Camp-out (Adirondacks)
*HTDHS Battery Recycling Project (on-going)
*Attendance at the Harriet Tubman Centennial Symposium
*Trip to the Harriet Tubman House
*Intersession Workshops: Review Sessions, Horrific History, Astrology, Study Hall, Bio Lab, Documentaries, Superheroes, Video Editing, Projects, Internet History, Cooking, Baking (cream puffs), African Drumming
*Gypsy drama performance at Cap Rep
*Earth Day park clean up and flyer neighborhood for Saturday activities
*Spring Awakening drama performance at SUNY Performing Arts Center
*Empire State Pride Agenda: LGBT Equality & Justice Day (student participation)
*New York City Week-long Trip: China Town / Little Italy / Greenwich Village / Guggenheim Museum / Metropolitan Museum of Art / Time Square
*Student drama performance in Midsummer Jersey
*Student designed a four-board chess game with all new rules, moves, etc. 10259773_10203968256305878_2171889570066441734_n
*Student constructed a table and chandeliers out of old pizza delivery boxes
*Astrology workshop
*Occupy Albany: meetings & rallies / rally in support of Migrant Worker’s Rights
*Graduation Talent Show: Jasmine Saunders and Collin Coon sing “I’m Changing”
*Year-End Camp-out (Grafton)

*New York State Comptroller’s Achievement Award – Cody Bogausch & Jasmine Saunders
*Scholarships:Potash Hill Award, Marlboro College Grant

Summer Program 2014
LIGHT (Albany Summer Youth Employment Program)

Sample Activities 2012-2013
*Internships: Schenectady Historical Society (archiving), Shadowing Gym Teacher
*Orientation Camp-out
*HTDHS Battery Recycling Project (on-going)
*Trip to the Schenectady Historical Society (lineage research, general activities, local historical interests, etc.)
*Trip to the New York State Museum Geology exhibit
*Trip to Connie Frisbee Houde – Photojournalist Exhibit on Afghanistan
*Trip to a local Environmental Center and Lab
*Intersession Workshops: International Politics, Review Sessions, Precision in Speaking, Serial Killers, Baking (pies), Intro to Calculus, Sewing, Video Game Design Contest, Advanced Drawing, Cooking (chicken cordon bleu, scalloped potatoes, broccoli), Yoga, Monologues, Skateboarding
*Trip to Mass MoCA and The Clark Museums
*Trip to Photography exhibit “Debunking the Myth of Voodoo and Slavery – A Journey in West Africa” Connie Frisbee Houde
*Transgender 101 (workshop run by Capital District Pride Center)
11889_10201011296663735_321343197_n*Boston Week-long Trip: Museum of Science / Holocaust Memorial / Haymarket & North End / Harvard Museum of Natural History / Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology / Freedom Trail / Gay Lesbian Adolescent Social Services / Institute of Contemporary Art / MIT Campus (architecture) / Boston Aquarium
*NADEC Conference attendance
*Empire State Pride Agenda: LGBT Equality & Justice Day (student participation)
* Trip to the Herkimer Diamond Mines
*Carpentry Workshops (spring semester)
*Trinity Cooking Class
*Modern Technology Class (student presentations to the school)
*Safe Sex Awareness Day: Free HIV Testing, Contraception Presentation by Planned Parenthood, and Community Lunch
*Earth Day park clean up and flyer neighborhood for Saturday activities
*Year-End Camp-out

*New York State Comptroller’s Achievement Award – Andrew Fick

Summer Program 2013
*Thatcher Park: Day Hiking (3)
*Thompson’s Lake
*Grafton Lake (4)
*Artcentric Gallery: photography exhibit Connie Frisbee Houde
*Art Center of the Capital Region: multi-disciplinary exhibits
*Berkshire Museum 1146439_10201746955694751_1838232451_n
*Mass MoCA
*Henry Hudson Planetarium
*Craft Art & Sewing Workshops (6)
*Peeble’s Island

Sample Activities 2011-2012
*Internships: Culinary Arts, Video Game Design, Cosmetology
*HTDHS Battery Recycling Project (on-going)
*HVCC Cultural Lecture – People of Courage, People of Hope, Seekers of Justice: The Real Underground Railroad
*SNUG Rally for Funding Support
*Joe Bonamassa performing a Keeping the Blues Alive (Palace Theater)
*Occupy Albany: opening rally, rally to close corporate bank accounts and open local accounts, general attendance and support
*Jasmine Saunders workshop with local fashion designer Ekologic (Kathleen Tesnakis)
*Intersession Workshops: Yearbook, Sewing / Patch Making, Baking (cake and decorative icing), Cooking (lasagna and sauce), Toastmasters, Spelling Bee, HTDHS Olympics, Knitting, Intro to Computers Soojee 2011
*Trip to Mass MoCA and The Clark
*Much Ado About Nothing drama performance at Sage Theater Institute
*Trip to the Radix Center (urban sustainability program & facility)
*Youth FX film showing (Jasmine Saunders participant)
*Fiddler on the Roof drama performance at Schenectady Light Opera Company
*LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) workshop about the human rights violations in North Korea and their work to help refugees
*Student Art Exhibit at the Upstate Artist’s Guild (Breahna Smith and Carla Dortic)
*Bowling for Books (school fundraiser)
*Earth Day park clean up and flyer neighborhood for Saturday activities
*HVCC College Fair 7017698255_a49417bea7_k
*Boston Aquarium
*Activist musician Evan Greer trip fundraiser concert
*Alternative Prom (Pride Center of the Capital Region)
*Freihofer’s Community Walk school fundraiser
*Cosmetology Workshop (make-up / skin care and techniques)
*Year-end Camp-out

Sample Activities 2010-2011
Culinary Arts, Office Assistant
*Anti-protest rally in NYC to support Muslim-American’s in building a prayer center near the twin towers (student trip)
*Diana Morales-Manley photography exhibit at The Furnace (First Friday) and the Honest Weight Food Co-op
*HTDHS Battery Recycling Project (on-going)
*Local art exhibit, photo journalist Connie Frisbee Houde
*One Nation Protest: Washington DC rally for social change – anti-racism, workers rights, etc (student trip)
*North Lake Hike: ten miles, mountain

North Lake Mountain Hike

*Collin Coon drama project: Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast
*Jasmine Saunders art exhibit at Honest Weight Food Co-op, also assisted coordination of the show
*Collin Coon Times Union interviewed: concerning Rocky Horror
*National Spirit Day: the school wore purple and posted a photo in support of honoring, “the teenagers who had taken their own lives in recent weeks. But just as importantly, it’s also a way to show the hundreds of thousands of LGBT youth who face the same pressures and bullying, that there is a vast community of people who support them.”
*Piano “De-construction”
*Family Fall Festival (fundraiser for community service trip)
*“Oye Loco”: Latino heritage stage production at the Palace Theater
*“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”: professional performance at Capital Repertory Theater
*Brooklyn Free School / The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Manhattan / Central Park
*“A Christmas Carol”: professional performance at Capital Repertory Theater

National Spirit Day

*Spirit Week
*Intersession Special Activities: Research Strategies, Oil Painting, Intro to Java Programming, Yoga, Drama, Yearbook Design, Survival, Psychic Development, Indian Food Cooking, Cult Films
*Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA)

Sample Activities 2009-2010
Ecology and Conservation, Child Care, Art, Planned Parenthood
*Yes! Magazine cover photo and internal photos by Diana Morales-Manley
*Thatcher State Park Hike
*Alexandria Speller selected for NYCR (New York Capital Region) GLSEN Jump Start Chapter: leadership team member
*“Teacher Man”: live performance, a Frank McCourt tribute at SUNY Albany
*Cold Spring: mountain hike with Brooklyn Free School
*Ally Week: school participation and presentation by Alexandria (GLSEN)
*Diana Morales-Manley chosen as a board member of The Women’s Building
*Haunted House (fundraiser for community service trip)
*Rainbow Camp: winter camp out at Rainbow Camp
*Anti-Protest at Albany High School in support of their performance of Laramie Project
*Holiday Pie (fundraiser for community service trip)
*Marriage Equality Rights Protest at the Capital building
*Longview Sudbury School: educational community-building trip
*Fudge Sale (fundraiser for community service trip)

“It’s a Start” drama, student written and produced

*Spirit Week
*Winter Survival Camping Trip
*Democratic Education Symposium at Brooklyn Free School
*Bowling for Beds: Collin Coon won prize for most money raised by a youth
*Save NYS Parks (Thatcher) Rally and Protest
*Winter Survival Camping Trip
*Romeo & Juliet: Professional production at NYSTI
*Diana Morales-Manley photography exhibit at Java Jazz in Delmar
*Manhattan Free School: educational community-building visit to our school
*YMCA Camp Segowea: volunteer work projects
*Alexandria Speller: CDGLCC discussion panel participant for Pride Week
*Alexandria Speller: GLSEN and ACLU press conference and lobbying concerning “Dignity for All Students” legislation
*Alexandria Speller “It’s a Start” completion of student novel

“It’s a Start” drama, student written and produced

*“It’s a Start” adaptation of novel into a play: student public production
*Cape Cod Community Service Trip:
-Volunteered at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
-Sandwich Glass Museum
-Scargo Tower
-Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
-Cape Cod Canal
-Pilgrim Monument
-John F Kennedy Hyannis Museum

Sample Activities 2008-2009
*Cold Springs Hike with Brooklyn Free School
*Liberty Ridge Farm
*Union College Nott Memorial: sound installation
*Adventure Trip: camp out
*Dance Party (fundraiser for educational trip)

Student Organized Animal Rights Protest

*NADEC Coordination Meeting
*Proctor’s International Films: The Kite (Israel / Lebanon)
*Poetry Open Mic at The Free School
*Mock Election: including student candidates, platforms, debate, and election
*Of Mice and Men: professional production at NYSTI
*Concert (fundraiser for educational trip)
*Proctor’s International Films: Bet Collector (Philippines)
*“Flight” based on the novel by Sherman Alexie at SUNY Albany
*World AIDS Observance activities at the NYS Museum
*NADEC Coordination Meeting @ Longview School
*Alexandria Speller: selected for special community activism training through GLSEN
*Obama Inauguration: attendance in Washington DC
*Pizza Take-out Night (fundraiser for educational trip)

Pizza Night Fundraiser

*Art exhibits at local galleries in Troy
*Snow Shoeing at the Albany Pine Bush Preserve
*New York State Museum – Breeding Birds Atlas, study with an environmentalist
*Boarded Up: student and staff artwork displayed at GSCA art installation
*Sleep-a-thon (to benefit the homeless): students raised 26% of money raised on site
*NCACS Conference: student and staff attendance
*LA Carlson Pipe Organ Co: building, repairing, and playing pipe organs
*Animal Rights Protest of Barnum & Bailey Circus: student organized and attended with news media interviews
*Pine Bush Reserve: press conference (print media interview and blogs)
*Kid Wind Challenge: first place winners in wind turbine contest
*Alexandria Speller selected for highly competitive Summer Writing Institute at SUNY
*Kristin Diodonet: honorable mention in “High School Art Makes History” Colonie Art League art contest
*Theater All Stars: theater training


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