The following is a list of scheduled classes that have been offered at HTDHS from 2010-2015. Not every class is offered every year, and new classes are added regularly according to student and staff interests:

English Literature: English, Classical Western, Funky Books, Mythology, Plays, Short Fiction, Urban Fiction, Music as Poetry
English Writing: Adv Essay, Art of Writing, Creative Writing, Essays, Etymology, Journalism, Reading Room
History: Contemporary Foreign Politics, History of Anarchy, Political Activism, Sociology of Mass Movements, Americans Before Columbus, The Long War, Two American Histories, Special Topics History, US Government & Economics, US History, World History A, World History B IMG_3034
Math: Math Basics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry / Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus
Science: Earth Science / Lab, Biology / Lab, Chemistry / Lab, General Lab, Physics Experiments, Science Basics, Special Topics Science
Music & Art: Music Theory, Music Performance, Vocal Lessons, Intro & Adv Music, Art, Sewing, Architectural Design
Health: Drug & Alcohol Awareness, Health, Personal Conception Workshop, Sex Education, Young Women’s Group, Physical Education
Non-English Languages: American Sign Language, Italian, Japanese
Electives: Auto Mechanics, Community Service, Debate, Film Studies, Hist in Film, Java Programming, Modern Technology, Philosophy, Phys Ed, Psychology / Child Development, SAT Prep, Travel, Special Topics Projects

Tango Dance Class

Please note that this list does not reflect any of the numerous topics of independent learning in which our students are always engaged.


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